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Radix Mainnet is now live!


Cointegrate is proud to support Radix (, the first layer protocol specifically built to serve DeFI.  We are now operating a validator node to support Radix as it delivers against an exciting future roadmap. We are excited by Radix's vision and what it is proposing to enable a future world of decentralized finance.


Our experience for the last 20 years is in implementing and deploying critical IT systems, in particular Calypso, a java based application used by banks, hedge funds and clearinghouses for trading, risk management, collateral, processing and accounting purposes.


Why stake with us?

We take our commitment seriously and will make every effort to deliver as if Radix was our client. We were active participants in the Betanet phase and continue to maintain a Stokenet presence. 

Following the Betanet phase, we reviewed the validator ecosystem set up and decided to move the nodes away from AWS to support decentralisation of the network and offer an alternative to the staking community who consider this an important factor.

In making this decision, we sought out a provider committed to running their datacenters on renewable energyOn this basis, we selected Google Cloud and chose data centres based on their carbon free emissions (CFE%) rankings. Asia and Australia regions were excluded based on their emission scores. 

  • 1 of 2 Radix nodes using Google Cloud *

  • Nodes running in Hamina, Finland and The Dales, Oregon.

  • Sole Radix nodes running in the chosen data centres.

  • Radix recommended hardware sizing in place.

  • Ability to scale on memory and cpu on demand.

  • Monitoring and alerting systems (sms, telegram and phone) are in place.

  • Contactable on Discord / Telegram / Mail.

Montreal and Sao Paulo are further green options available to extend operations and provide further geographic dispersion.


* source:


Cloud Provider - Low Carbon Emissions


Google are matching 100% of their electricity consumption with renewable energy production since 2017 on an aggregate basis world-wide and have set the target to run each of their data centres 24/7 on carbon free energy by 2030.

The current validator nodes runs with 94% CFE (Finland) while the back up node has a 90% CFE score (Oregon). Both centres have comparatively low relative emissions when renewables are not available. 

Further details driving our choices can be reviewed here:

We would appreciate your support.


Feel free to reach us on the following channels

Telegram : Cointegrate | RadHeads 

Radix Discord: Cointegrate | RoterHund#7290


Mainnet Validator Address: rv1q2lytrcedqmqh0g5vcseh0mf74e7nmvffgda0sfx790k9xcfzck8qtkrjh4

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